Amalfi Coast and Capri


Enjoy most any wine with your dinner, because there's no such thing as a bad house wine in Italy. You can't help but feel more at peace after watching the relaxed manner of doing everything in this getaway town.


If you like to imagine you're living in mythological times, come to the town known as the City of Sirens. Lovers of Greek mythology will recall that the sirens lured fishermen to dangerous rocks with their entrancing songs, and you will feel equally mesmerized by this lovely coastal town. If you need a jolt back to reality, try the zesty local limoncello made from the boon of local lemon groves.

Capri Island

Take the boat from Sorrento to Capri Island to visit the Grotta Azzurra, or 'blue grotto.' This mysteriously pretty place was once considered a nymphaeum, a consecrated natural spring dedicated to nymphs, mythological creatures who lived in small bodies of water.


Positano seems to have one of those magnetic personalities. People visit there, don't want to leave, and feel happily stuck in this town of twisty streets, plazas, and cafes.


Formerly an important port, this town's current hot spot is its extensive and sparkling beachfront resort.

Praiano Ravello

Visit the Chiesa di San Luca Evangelista, a church dedicated to St. Luke in this quiet town with lots of breathing room.


July 13th holds regal marine processions each year for the festival of the town's patron saint, Santa Trofimena. Your visit to Italy will have no lack in variety and taste, but Minori's unusual melanzane alla cioccolata, a dessert of eggplant, chocolate, sugar and almonds will make you think twice about the stereotypical dessert ingredients.