About Us


Ciao Italy Tours, formerly Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours, is a tour operator, specializing in all types of travel arrangements in Italy since 2009. We offer customized itineraries, daily sightseeing tours private and group, private transfers, hotel reservations, train tickets, car rentals, villa rentals and fully escorted tours. We are a “one stop shop” for all Italy travel needs, with the main office in New York City. We work with travel agents on any type of request, from a simple airport transfer to the most complicated customized itinerary for individuals, small and large groups.  

The company is owned by Guido D’Ugo and Renee Mascara – D’Ugo. In addition to their passion for Italy and travel, Guido and Renee share over 20 years of history and a beautiful family.

Ciao Italy Tours’ heart and soul has always been a dedicated and expert team of Italy travel specialists, who have supported the company’s growth over the years with their loyalty and commitment to our clients’ satisfaction. Ciao Italy Tours is looking forward to welcoming back its team in the coming months as soon as international travel will resume, in the meantime we are here to assist you planning your next trip .