Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours is the only stop you need to make when planning a trip to Italy. As your Italian help desk in the USA, we have everything you need to put together your ideal Italy travel itinerary. From private tours to fully-escorted trips through the country, cooking classes to wine tastings, we will work directly with you or your travel agent to make sure that your journey to the Bel Paese is a dream come true.

Our History

Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours was founded as Ciao Italy in December 2006 by Guido D’Ugo, Italian native and travel enthusiast. In an effort to share the love of his homeland with American and Canadian travelers, D’Ugo teamed up with Italy-based suppliers to create clients’ ideal itineraries at the lowest possible prices.

By offering services to travelers and travel agents directly, Ciao Italy experienced much success during its first few years. In 2009, D’Ugo partnered with his preferred Italian supplier, Carrani Tours Group of Rome, which brought countless benefits, including 90 years of experience being the top tour operator in Rome.

In 2013, Carrani Tours Group was chosen as the only Italy-based tour operator, and one of just three worldwide, to have exclusive skip-the-line access at the Vatican Museums. This privilege entitles our clients to enter the world-renown Rome museum before other any other traveler.

The following year, in 2014, the US-based worldwide sightseeing company Gray Line made Carrani Tours Group the sole operator of all of its Rome sightseeing tours. The partnership has further solidified Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours’ reputation as one of the top tour companies in the country—and without a doubt in the Eternal City.

The company guarantees fast and efficient service at any point in a traveler’s journey thanks to satellite offices throughout Italy and large teams in both New York, led by D’Ugo, and Rome, led by President and third-generation Carrani Tours Group owner Paolo Delfini and General Manager Chiara Gigliotti.

What We Offer

Experts in Italy Travel, Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours creates Italy vacation packages according to your preferences and also offers a wide array of pre-planned organized tours at exceptional prices.

Plan and travel with peace of mind thanks to our fast and efficient service provided by satellite offices throughout Italy and large teams in both New York and Rome.

We work with only the best, most centrally-located hotels, top-notch classes and experiences, and stress-free travel transfers.

Our tours are run directly by 90-year veteran Carrani Tours Group of Rome, one of the most established tour operators in Italy, eliminating the inflated costs of third-party suppliers.

Exclusive skip-the-line access at the Vatican Museums means you will enter first thing in the morning, 15 minutes before anyone else, letting you see the Sistine Chapel and many other famous works before the crowds arrive.

Guido D’Ugo
Managing Director North America

An Italian by birth and by heritage, Guido specializes in Italian travel partly due to his knowledge of the country, but it was his passion for Italy and all things Italian that inspired him to create Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours. After years in the travel and hospitality industry as an employee of Alitalia Airlines, the owner of a travel firm, and the co-owner of a boutique hotel near Rome’s monumental Spanish Steps, Guido launched Ciao Italy Travel in December 2006. All of the tours and packages Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours offers have been hand-chosen through Guido’s humble, life-long love affair with Italy. Guido is proud to share his fondness for Italy with fellow travelers.