Take a hydrofoil from Capri to Naples, renown since ancient times as a vacation destination. One of its many highlights is its network of thermal spas. You can't go wrong in the largest town of southern Italy with good public transit and its reputation for pizza! Several large castles and edifices remain here from long ago, such as King Charles III's former hunting lodge. It now serves as a museum, complete with both paintings and porcelain collections.

Castel Maschio Angioino

Castel Maschio Angioino, also known as Castel Nuovo, was built originally in the 1200s. It has been renovated several times through the centuries and has served as an important location for functions of high-ranking individuals.

Piazza del Plebiscito

This piazza nestles between the royal palace and the church of San Francesco di Paola.

Posillipo Hill

Posillipo Hill is one of those consistently beautiful high views over an Italian bay, known as a spot for lovers to feel romantic.