Best Restaurants and Bars in Palermo

Palermo is the capital of sun-kissed Sicily and it’s full of great food and drink options. From delicious street food, to high-end bars and restaurants, get the most out of your Italy trip with the Ciao Italy guide to eating in Palermo.

Best Restaurants and Bars in Palermo

Pedestrian street and cafés in the historic centre of Palermo

Palermo is the capital of sun-kissed Sicily and it’s full of great food and drink options. From delicious street food, to high-end bars and restaurants, get the most out of your Italy trip with the Ciao Italy guide to eating in Palermo.

Antica Focacceria San Francesco

Spanish, French, Arabic, and Greek cultures have all shaped Sicily and in Palermo, Antica Focacceria San Franceso serves up food that pays homage to these influences. The building itself is beautiful, with decorative doors, high ceilings, and antique features. But it is the food that this traditional Sicilian restaurant is famous for. Expect food that the locals love, such as arancini and stuffed sardines. They’ve used the same focaccia recipe since 1851 and they serve lovely local wines and delicious pastries too.

Kursaal Kalhesa

Kursaal Kalhesa is both a bar and a restaurant located in the heart of Palermo. It sits near the sea, and visitors can relax in the bar’s soft furnishings, explore the in-house bookshop, and enjoy an art exhibition. The restaurant serves traditional Sicilian dishes including antipasti, pasta, meat, fish, and pizza. This restaurant/bar, located in an 18th century palazzo, oozes style, and with its secret garden, Kursaal Kalhesa provides the perfect location to while away a long Italian evening.

Pasticceria Capello

For decades, this Sicilian pastry shop has plied delicious traditional food to locals and tourists alike. Pasticceria Capello is a family run business with master pastry chef Salvatore baking wonderful and decadent pastries with the help of his son Giovanni. Between the two of them, they create some excellent deserts including the seven layer cake, sponge cake with almonds and pistachios, the chocolate mousse with pears flambé, and traditional Sicilian treats such as Cassate and Cannoli.

Bar Duomo

Front View of Palermo City Cathedral

When it comes to drinking in Palermo, you’re spoiled for choice. Kursaal Kalhesa provides one great option, another is Bar Duomo. With an excellent view of the Norman towers that grace the cathedral square, this bar has a great atmosphere and even better wines and beers. This is definitely an excellent option when it comes to sampling the hustle and bustle of Palermo at night.

The Street Food

Arancini; Sicilian Fried Rice Balls

Now, we mentioned street food in the introduction, so it’s only fair to let you know about some of the best food that Palermo has to offer. When exploring the city on an Italian vacation, look out for Arancina, the famous Sicilian rice ball. Another excellent option is pezzi di rosticceria, literally translated as ‘deli pieces’. This includes foods such as calzoni, pizzette, spitini, and ravazzate. Finally, keep an eye out for pane panelle e crocche. These little square fritters are made from chickpea flour and can be enjoyed on their own, or in a bread roll.

Italy is famous for its excellent food and drink options and the above list shows that Palermo is no exception. From traditional food like arancini, to sugar sweet Sicilian treats like Cassate and Cannoli; from street food, to exciting nightlife, Palermo certainly knows how to cater for everyone. Get in touch with Ciao Italy when putting together your Italian holiday package. We’ll help you see the Italy you want to see.


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