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Beautiful Lake Como Italy. It’s a haven for travellers from here in Italy and from overseas.

Beautiful Lake Como Italy. It’s a haven for travellers from here in Italy and from overseas. And it is little wonder that people flock here. It’s known for its scenery, its tranquillity, and the picturesque little towns and villages which nestle upon the shores of Lake Como.

My name is Guido, Italian native, travel enthusiast and founder of Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours. I’ve been involved in the travel industry for many, many years. And I am proud to say that I have handpicked all of our Italian tours and Italian vacations – including our vacations to Lake Como. Here is why I think you might fall in love with Lake Como:

Lake Como Italy has been a popular Italian vacation destination for centuries. The Romans used to come here on their own holidays. And Lake Como’s popularity has not diminished through the centuries. The mark the Romans made is still evident with the sites of their ancient and palatial villas.

Lake Como Italy is blessed with beautiful scenery. From majestic mountains, covered in wooded slopes, which reach inky blue waters – Lake Como, is full of charm. The scenery attracts those who want to relax in its surroundings as well as those who want to walk in the mountains, cycle on the mountain roads or swim in the lake.

Lake Como Italy is also relatively easy to get to – as it lies less that 100km drive from Milan and is well served by trains and buses. It is also well served by paddle steamers and boats so you can travel between the towns and villages around its shores. To visit Lake Como could not be easier.

Como is Lake Como’s effervescent capital. Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours Lake Como Tour is based here. From here you can explore Como and its medieval architecture and walls, the beautiful cathedral and the 16th Century tapestries it houses. Yet, Como has plenty of modern day boutiques and cafes so you can have the balance of soaking up the atmosphere of the past as well as its present day ambience. Como also has a funicular that will take you to Brunate, a town that sits 1,600 feet above Como, and boasts beautiful views of Lake Como below.

From Como, you will have the perfect base from which to explore the rest of the Lake by boat. Lake Como has an area of 146 square kilometres and is 400 metres deep, making it the third largest of Italy’s lakes, but we think it is still the most spectacular! Como is the perfect location to explore the other towns and villages on Lake Como, including Bellagio to the north which is known as ‘the pearl of Lake Como’.

Bellagio sits at the point where Lake Como splits in two – giving it an enviable view of the mountains and Lake Como itself. This is perhaps why it was a base for the wealthy to build their regal Villas here – something it has become is so well known for through the ages. They are a perfect accompaniment to the cobbled lanes and stone staircases that you’ll find throughout the town. It’s here you can find lovely little cafes, enotecas (wine shops) and shops selling souvenirs and Italy’s beautiful gelato.

The town of Tremezzo sits across from Bellagio on the western side of the lake. The area is sometimes referred to as the Azalea Riviera due to the fact that so many Azalea shrubs thrive here. Which, as you can imagine, really enhances the beautiful scenery even further. It was here that some scenes in the James Bond film, Casino Royale were shot. The film used one of Tremezzo’s fabulous Villas as a set – Villa Balbianello – an 18th Century mansion house. Like Bellagio, there are a number of cafes and restaurants to relax in during your visit.

Lake Como is the perfect stop on any Italian vacation thanks to its accessibility, its scenery and the perfect mix of history and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. With Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours you can enjoy a three-day stay on Lake Como on our Explore Italy – Lake Como tour. You’ll be staying in Como and having tried out the tour myself, I found it to be a perfect amount of time to explore the Lake and the beautiful town of Como.

Alternatively, there’s our 4-day Northern Lakes tour that takes in Lake Como as well as Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda. I found that this is best if you want to explore all three of these Lakes, including Lake Como.

From Italian vacation packages to Italian tours and sightseeing, Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours will help you make the most of your Italian holidays.

If you would like more information like this Lake Como travel guide – like other travel tips for Italy and information about tours in Italy or Italian vacations please do visit us at ciaoitalytours.com We always say that with us, your Italian tour or Italian vacations will be one you’ll never forget.



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